June 22, 2014

I do love Jeong Seam Mool
She even has her own brand. Well, the skill she have shown will be very helpful to all makeup Beginners. And I think her method is the basic of Korean Makeup.

We took at look at her makeup desk I noticed two cosmetic she suggest for acne prone skin that is caused by the woman cycle. 
The Ample she showed was : Mikimoto Essence Capsule LCM
I think it's this, I am not too sure, but its a guess ;P

[출처] [미키모토 코스메틱] 겟잇뷰티 2014 7화 <프로의 기술을 훔치는 뷰티클래스>! NO.1 메이크업 아티스트 정샘물의 화장대에서 스킨케어 노하우를 배워보아요!|작성자 미키모토코스메틱
The first tip she had explained to us was Skin Care according to our condition.
This I have been doing. My skin is very seasonal so in the cold days it goes dry and in the summer it gets oily. During the dry times I use a lot of thick moisturizing product and even facial oil, but during oily days, I use the first serum from Skin food to wipe off oil, and apply skin and lotion and a moisturizing cream that is not too heavy but defiantly not oily.

Sometimes my skin is both dry and oily than I would apply deep cream around the parts that are oily and apply lighter product and serum control products on oily parts of the skin.

This is just a short example of how to change products according to your skin condition.
She explained how to keep the skin care effect long as possible, and that was using a Fixer.
In this episode the fixer she used was
VDL Beauty Finisher : help skin care moist glow last through the whole day without drying.
VDL Beauty Finisher
I am really really considering in getting one, because I do have the problem of the all moist skin care I have done doesn't last long enough for me and I would have to apply cream on top of my makeup. If I apply moisturizing cream on my hand and just place it on my skin it does help and doesn't move the makeup but still, it's not enough moist for me.

For the Face Makeup the skill she introduce was : THIN AND THICK, WARM AND COOL
For the foundation she used 
VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation.

She explains how we have two different texture of skin
V zone tend to be thicker than the Star Zone.

If you wish to know all the zone once and for all check out my post here

V zone is where your skin is thicker than the rest of the skin

Star zone is where your skin is thinner than the rest of the skin

After you press out the foundation you are going to use well around the cushion puff
tap it slowly along the V zone, and go back up towards the eyes and keep tapping towards the nose and forehead. Now since you used most of the foundation on V zone these Star zone you are applying lighter. Now there's barely foundation left apply it on the rest of the part of the face just to blend the V zone.

Easy isn't? If you need more visual method watch my video again :)

It's all about covering the cool parts, which is all the dark part of your face
Dark circles, Around the Lips

These are the dark zone
Apply concealer or brightener to bright up these parts!
YvesSaintLaurent Concealer
I personally like this product but it's bit expensive for me, I like to use Clio VF or 3CE Eye brightener these two product is very similar to YvesSaintLaurent I even did a comparison with Clio VF brightener.

Next she showed us how to do eyeliner, the skin called : Lost and Found
It's better to see the way she did it through the video
But to make it simpler, you do the front and the tail of the eye thick and center thing by just connecting the eyelashes.

The pencil she used and the eye shadow pallet she used was
The Face Shop Lovely Mix Star Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

The eye shadow is the totally opposite from eyeliner
She would make the each end of the eye soft and bit more pigment for the center.
She used a eye shadow pallet : Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow X4

For the lips she used a cube shaped lip stick!
Defiantly on top of my shopping list!!
VDL expert color lip cube

There you have it the product names
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  1. That cube lipstick from VDL is so expensive..orz.. :o

    1. I know it is!
      ARG, I guess for the edgy lips I need to use swabs :-d

  2. Thanks for subbing this episode!(: Super useful & I love the tips Jung Saem Mool gives! If you ever try the VDL Beauty Finisher, please do review it! Haha, I've seen it in the VDL outlets here, but its so pricey here!

    & thanks for identifying the ampoule LOL-- I was wondering what brand it was from!!

    1. Lol I love Jung Seam Mool too She have some great tips.
      Yeah it's bit pricy but I do agree that it helps the makeup AND skincare last longer~
      I'm falling in love with it XD

      It's a guest but I think I'm right XD

  3. I love JSM too lol. :)
    I wanted to try their eye cream but
    Mikimoto is expensive maybe I'll splurge on it one day.
    Yes, I love the Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation.
    Now I need to try the Beauty Finisher, see how it
    works together. Thank you for sharing this. :D

    1. Mikimoto is expensive ;-(
      I find the beauty finisher great, I was always press moisturizing cream or mist often I needed something that helps skin care products last longer and this really helps :-d


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