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Why Can't I Do my Eye Makeup Right? MAKEUP TUTORIAL How to Prevent Eye makeup Melting, Smearing, and Disappear! Get it Beauty Ep 35 English Subbed Video

Get it beauty decided to answer all your concern and questions to Eye makeup!
I especially enjoyed the part where they answer the top 5 concerns that girls have when they do eye liner, I wish to go over them with you and I hope this answers your concern.

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Part 1 :
Having problems with eyeliner?
Find your concerns and answer here : Ep34 part 2 :
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Get it Beauty Ep34 How to do a Perfect Party Queen Eye Makeup! How to use Blusher Perfectly! Part4 from Estella Roy on Vimeo.

5th place
Erasing Smoky Makeup is so Hard!

I know many of you like to do smoky makeup, for more charisma look or sexy look. Plus the trend last year was all about metallic smoky makeup, so many of you probably tried out this makeup. However when you erase you find your skin irritated or your skin red from all that rubbing and toxic products you use for stronger cleansing.

There is much more easy and faster way than that.
Get it Beauty used Banila co. Clean is Zero product to erase up all the smoky makeup just by softy rubbing the balm textured cream on the eyelid and wiping it off with swabs and Sea sponges.

The reason why we used sea sponges is because it erase better and you don't have to wipe your eyes a lot, so less irritation and less red eyes.

4th Place
I'm Bored of the Same Inner-Eyelid Makeup!!!

In English there isn't a term of inner-eyelid so this is a term I had to make.
The reason why English don't have this vocabulary is because well, you all have eyelid that is right in the middle of your eyes, thick and dark.
While in Asia, there are a lot of girls with eyelid that doesn't show when you look at their eyes. The eyelid fold is right at top of the eye line that you really gotta get a closer look to see that fold.
This is a example of inner eyelid I found around Google
Now there is only so few type of makeup you can do with this eye type,
Because no matter how much eye line you draw the fold seems to cover them up with one blink! 

Get it Beauty showed us another way of doing makeup with the eye lid type.
Is by drawing a double eyelid!!!

First you color the eye lid with a brown eye shadow
-This will help control with serum
Second use a brown gel eyeliner to draw a line where the double eyelid will be
Draw the tail blurry to make it look natural
Third use a brighter color of eyeliner under neath the line to make it look more natural

The product they used in this tutorial : Banila co. Tripple Wonder Auto Gel Liner

3rd Place
It's So Hard To Draw Eye Liner Naturally

This is probably the most asked question if you are new to makeup, it's never easy to learn how to draw pretty eyeliner the first time around. Even I had a lot of troubles
When ever I draw it seems like I did black eye shadow around my eyelid not eyelines.

My tip was I used the method that Jeong Seam Mool mentioned in Get it Beauty (To see the video click here) I used magazine triangles to be my eyeliner drawing tool. I would place it above the place I want to draw the line, I than color it with eyeline because of the paper the eyeline comes out clean and even.

In the Get it Beauty they used double eyelid sticker. In the same concept. They would stick the double eyelid stick on top of the place you wish to draw the line. After you draw the line you can easily take off the sticker.

I know some girls overseas might not know "double eyelid sticker" it's a sticker for inner-eyelid girls who wish to make their eyes look double eyelid like western people. I hope you don't experience culture shock XD But for beauty what can't you do?

2nd Place
Around Noon My Eye Makeup Turns Into Panda Eyes

Yay! Panda! I love pandas, I think pandas are the most cutest and less dangers bear on Earth! But if your eyes keep reminds you that you look nothing but a panda I can't hate them more. 

I did answer this concern in my other post some while ago, on How to do Eye makeup without having your Eye Makeup Smear! 

Get it Beauty Answered again with another way 
Makeup Artist mentioned the two reason why your eye makeup smears
#1 Your skin around your eyes are rubbing off your makeup
#2 Oil on your eyes are melting your makeup

To solve this concern they suggest using a Gel Eye Pencil that drys out fast it's the same Gel eyeliner one above. Also powdering your eyelid to die down the oily skin around the eyes. 

Now for the 1st Place Concern of eye makeup of all times
My Eye Makeup Disappears!!

I experienced smearing before, and maybe few disappeared glitter eye shadow when I first started to do eye makeup. I think it fix itself as I try to prevent smears and use better products with less fall outs.

Get it beauty decided to show us LONG LASTING PARTY QUEEN MAKEUP TUTORIAL

#1 Use Brown Gel Eyeliner to draw where the double eyelid. 
If you are inner-eyelid you might have to draw the place where double eyelid should be
Product Used : Banila co. Tripple Wonder Auto Gel Liner
#2 Use Brown Shadow to make the drawn eye line soft and more natural
Product Used : MAC Cosmetic Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow
#3 From the Line Below Use Burgundy Gel Eyeliner to fill up the colors
Product Used : Banila co. Tripple Wonder Auto Gel Liner (Burgundy)
#4 Use black gel eyeliner to connect the roots of your eyelashes
Product Used : Banila co. Tripple Wonder Auto Gel Liner (Black)
#5 Use the sponge inside the pencil to smug the eyeline
This will help getting rid of any gel that might come off also makes the eye line natural

#6 Apply Balm on top of the eyelid and apply pigmented burgundy on top to give glittery look.
Product Used : Belif The Balm Almighty
Product Used : Makeup Forever Diamond Powder
#7 Use Mascara to lift up the eyelashes 
 Product Used : Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara
#8 For the Underline use Gel Eyeliner gold brown to connect the roots of the eyelashes. Than smear it to make it more permenant.
Product Used : Banila co. Tripple Wonder Auto Gel Liner (Gold Brown)
#9 Use the Mascara to color the underline lashes too

#10 For more glittery look use the same balm used above and apply pigmented glitter also used above to put the glitter on top of the under lashes.

#11 For the blusher use Lip Lacquer to softly tap on the colors.
The reason why she used lip lacquer is because the tint last much longer than blusher.
Use the same lip lacquer to color the lips
Product Used : Banila co The Kissest Long Wear Mousse Lip Lacquer

#12 Use a highlighter around the T zone, Apple Zone, Bridge between the nose and lips and Chin. Use can use the same highlighter to color the front part of the eye for more cuter look. For more Sexy Lips apply it on the top of the lips where the two mountains are and the lips just below it.

Before / After

I hope you like this makeup tutorial watch the video too
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Anyways I hope this post was helpful!
Please tell me how you think of this Party Queen Not Smearing Makeup Tutorial!!!

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  1. Thanks for this post! So informative! (: I definitely like the third concern, will try it with the double eyelid sticker!

    1. I am glad you found this post useful! I agree, I like their solution to the third concern, and I think it's quiet easy and useful tip they showed us

  2. Thanks for the post.. so informative :) I loved the double eye liner :)


    1. Me too, Love the 3 colors all matched together making it look so glamorous.


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